About Us
Australia's Cavy Sanctuary is a not-for-profit assemblage of privately funded shelters that rescue, rehabilitate and rehome guinea pigs in Australia.

We have shelters across the country, and are always keen to welcome new shelters on-board. 
Our shelter managers are vastly experienced at dealing with guinea pig health and medical issues. The Melbourne and Sydney ACS shelters have each been running for over 10 years, and the number of animals that have passed through their doors reaches into the thousands.

We shall continue to provide sanctuary for unwanted, neglected or abused guinea pigs, rehabilitate them, then find them loving, responsible homes.

Australia's Cavy Sanctuary is an AUSTRALIAN GUINEA PIG RESCUE NETWORK-endorsed rescue shelter.

The Team
  1. ACS Melbourne
    ACS Melbourne
    Chuffnut Cavies Rescue Shelter - Managed by Lil Smith.
  2. ACS Sydney
    ACS Sydney
    Cavy Central Rescue - ACS Sydney, managed by Lyn